Film development

Analog photography, especially large format photography, requires a vast amount of experience to get good result on a regular basis. You always put a lot of time and effort into shooting and in most cases you only do very few exposures per session. After developing, some negatives turn out to be good, others may lack contrast or are either underexposed or overexposed. I think I established a very reliable workflow for myself, but like always, the outcome of negative development remains surprising.
In my last development session I souped four long-exposed negatives that required N=0 (normal) development according to my experience. Development in general seemed ok, but one image obviously was pretty much underexposed (which I believed it was way overexposed). In two other images the subject photographed completely lost their emotional impact compared to what I visualized on location. And the fourth was ok, technically and artistically.
In conclusion: one out of four images was acceptable, which is my usual outcome in large format photography. But still this is far better compared to my digital photography.