On location

Trips into alpine wilderness enable me to combine my love for both alpine experiences and photography. My goal is to create minimal yet expressive images that would fit every livingroom wall. The use of large format film forces me to slow down, interact intensively with my subjects and enables me to produce crisp prints with outstanding tonality.


All prints are handcrafted using traditional silver gelatine-based photographic film and paper. Developing the negatives and processing the prints is done in my in-house darkroom. All steps are performed carefully by hand which gives me full control over the entire technical and creative process. By using manual darkroom printing techniques, prints never turn out 100% identical and makes every print an original.

Digital display

To present the photographs on the web, the negatives are scanned and the digital images are software-edited to achieve a look that comes as close as possible to the actual silver gelatine print. Small variations may occur, but the overall expression of the image is guaranteed.

Mounting and framing

Prints are mounted, matted and framed in my workshop according to current archival standards. All materials that are in contact with the print are of archival, acid-free quality to guarantee optimum stability over many years.
Prints are available in various sizes and formats. Please check the prints section for details or contact me for an inquiry.

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